Friday, January 12, 2018

Incredible Fossil Turtle form the Green River Formation

This stunning fossil is that of a 50 million year old soft-shelled turtle called Apalone Heteroglypta.

Apalone Heteroglypta was described by Edward Cope in 1873 but was originally called Trionyx Heteroglypta.  It was later renamed when a more complete skeleton was discovered.  It is very distinguishable from all other soft-shelled turtles from Fossil Lake because of its rounded shell, and the near full loss of the eighth costal bones.  It is a very rare find and is one of the most beautiful turtles from the Fossil Butte Member of the Green River Formation.

We uncovered this turtle over the summer, just 7 inches above  second large turtle.  This turtle was found in many small pieces and didn't look like much to begin with. After a lot of work by our friends at fossilogic it is a beautiful piece of art with an incredible animal from a time long spent.