Thursday, August 29, 2013

Amazing Articulated Mosasaur Skull

This is one of those incredible times where nature conspires to create a truly incredible piece of art and science.  This is an amazingly well preserved skull of a mosasaur called platecarpus.  This specimen was found int he Sahara Desert region of Northern Africa.
Photo by Fossil Shack

When this skull was pulled from the ground we knew it was something different about it.  As it was taken into the lab and the matrix began to be removed we realized what a true treasure this was.  It was an amazing skull.
Photo by Fossil Shack

This skull was incredibly well preserved and complete.  It was well preserved and articulated enough that you could see where every part of the skull went together and how everything was connected.

Photo by Fossil Shack

As the remainder of the matrix was removed it became clear that this was a stunning mosasaur fossil with nearly everything in place and well preserved.

Photo by Fossil Shack

This mosasaur skull was so incredible just as it had been displayed by nature that is seemed a crime to take it apart and assemble it as a 3-D skull for display.

Photo by Fossil Shack

 It was at this point we determined the best scenario for this amazing creature would be to clean off the matrix and mount and display it in its natural state.

by Seth Sorensen

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dyrosaurus, the bizarre Marine Crocodile

Dyrosaurus is a bizarre marine crocodile from the Eocene period.  It lived mainly in Northern Africa.

Dyrosaurus Fossil from Fossil Shack

These strange crocodiles are best known for their long narrow snouts and large jaw muscle attachments.

Dyrosaurus prepared by Fossil Shack

These amazing crocodile fossils are often found in the same locations a mosasaur and shark remains, leading scientists to believe that they existed together for millions of years.

Dyrosaurus Crocodile fossil skull prepared by Fossil Shack

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By Seth Sorensen