Monday, July 29, 2013

Sea Scorpions

Sea Scorpions or Eurypterids are an amazing group of ancient animals.  They ruled the seas at the same time as the trilobites.  These amazing creatures were related to both trilobites and modern scorpions.

This amazing eurypterid can be found at

These creatures prowled the ocean bottoms in search of prey.  They possessed many appendages similar to those of scorpions but also has special adaptations for life in the ocean.

This piece collected by has three complete sea scorpions and many partials on the same stone.

Here is a very small eurypterid with nearly complete appendages.  This specimen was collected by

Most Eurypterids inhabited very shallow brackish and fresh water environments, and some may have been able to walk on land. Their bodies were made of many segments and joints. Most Eurypterids were under 10" in length, but some genera, such as Pterygotus and Jaekelopterus could reach lengths of over 7 feet, and may have been the largest arthropods to ever live.

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